Plan a your special occasions with creativity and and you and your guests will decorate your personalized cookie art! Flavorful cookies w/variety of shapes, colored frostings, sprinkles. Disposable Chef hat and apron are provided.

Serving size: five (5) per person

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Chef's Food Allergy Alert:  
My products are created with the highest quality of ingredients. This cuisine may contain dairy (eggs, butter and milk) products.  Food Safety is important to us & we are ServSafe Certified, so please inform your Build a Pizza contact of all known allergy concerns for you & your guests.  Your safety is our top priority!

Build a Pizza comes in a personalized pizza box.  Serving utensils, silverware or cutlery are not included in the price.  Equipment is available for an additional costs.  Please Contact Us to obtain a quote.

The image on this page may vary from the actual cuisine based on the size & color.  Please Contact Us with any questions or additional information

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