Build a Pizza Home-Edition

Build a Pizza Home-Edition


Chef D Allen offers a fun & exciting service, Build a Pizza.  Be the Chef of the Day building personalized themed pizza, your own work of art!  This is the the Do-It-Yourself Home-Edition where you can bring the fun to your celebration or Home!  

*Minimum of five (5) to place order.  Price is per person.*

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Home-Edition - How does it work?

Have a passion for delicious pizza with homemade sauce?  It's a a personalized experience building a food work of art with fresh ingredients.  The pizza crust is full of flavor, you select the pizza theme or go free-style!  Your home experience will be filled with delicious pizza, laughter, and fun for all ages!

Includes:  Personalized pizza box w/guest name.  Pizza ingredients with no artificial flavors, gluten-free option available & freshly made crust, Side of Choice: Garden Salad w/Parmesan Ranch dressing (romaine lettuce w/ banana peppers, red onion, green peppers & tomatoes) served with Parmesan ranch dressing & croutons or Crispy Potato Wedges.  Disposable Chef Hat provided with each pizza box..

Prices are per person

                                    HOW IT WORKS:

  1. Add package to cart and complete registration, including Build a Pizza form with event details.

  2. Place order with desired delivery date and time.

  3. Check out & pay for total # of guests (price shown is per person)

  4. Taxes & delivery charge will apply at checkout based on address.

Chef's Food Allergy Alert:  
My products are created with the highest quality of ingredients. This cuisine contains dairy (cheese) products.  Food Safety is important to us & we are ServSafe Certified, so please inform your D's Family Kitchen contact of all known allergy concerns for you & your guests.  Your safety is our top priority!

Services include delivery of food in serving dishes.  Chafers, serving utensils, silverware or cutlery are not included in the price.  Equipment is available for an additional costs.  Please Contact Us to obtain a quote or add to order.

The image on this page may vary from the actual cuisine based on the size & color.  D's Family Kitchen cuisines are served buffet style, unless special requests are made.  Please Contact Us with any questions or additional information