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Introducing Build a Pizza Event!

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Agape Children's Emergency Shelter

The ACES provides a safe home for many girls in crisis each year. Learn more at and donate to assist with the new location via the event page via Eventbrite.

The Ensemble Theatre

Houston, Texas…celebrated performing arts center since 1976 highlighting African-American theater & outreach. Visit to learn more.


Join us as a vendor to showcase your products / services. We are looking to partner with you at this event and our future journey. The following vendors are ideal for Build a Pizza, but please contact us to discuss your product and/or service. You will have the opportunity to become a preferred vendor at our future location. Please register on Eventbrite. Once you register, we will provide a confirmation and pre-event details. The Woodlands Township requires licenses and/or insurances for businesses offering foods at the event. Please contact us at with any questions before registering. Thank you for your consideration and support!

  1. Products/Services:

  2. Photographers

    • Photo Booths

    • Photo Mirrors

  3. Entertainment, i.e., singers, dancers, artist, etc.

  4. Bakeries or Specialty Cakes

  5. Event Planners

  6. Decor / Invitations

  7. DJ’s

  8. Beverage, including wine and/or beer


Helping Hands

Helping Hands join our Sponsor a Child program. Donations will allow eligible boys & girls (K-12 grade) to attend the event and experience Build a Pizza at no cost to them. Your donation will provide entry to event, pizza, cookies, beverages and Chef Uniform for the child that's eligible for the program. Your sponsorship will be recognized at the event. Please donate via Eventbrite and will will confirm your donation and contact you! Thank you for making one boy or girl a CHEF of the Day!

Be a CHEF of the Day


Parents, if interested in registering a child for our Sponsor a Child Program, please see the following:


  1. Child must be enrolled in art or culinary class at school in 2018-2019 school year

  2. Must have A&B’s at the time of registration

  3. A picture of the child is required

  4. Register via Eventbrite